The production process

Since the very beginning, CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 has organized its work through a productive system based on regular verifcation and control procedures. The manufacturing processes of CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 satisfy rigorous protocols, with high qualitative parameters, which are meticulously applied to any new project. CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950, as General Contractor and single contact for the Client, designs, builds and takes the supervision and whole control of the project to meet lead times and costs.

All the activities of the production process, from the point of view of design, furnishings, furnishings in the Contract Sector and hospitality contexts such as hotels, are designed with the Custom Made approach.

CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 accomplishes every project by following meticulously the following stages of the working process:

Feasibility study

CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 has gained enough expertise and practice to develop the required feasibility studies to define the soundness and accuracy of the investments.

The production process-1

Target definition

The analyses are carried out by a highly qualifed and skilled staff, who defnes the reference target for your investment.

The production process-2

Project management

To the good end of our Clients’ venture in terms of complexity, duration, potential   risks  in  reaching  the  set goals, we develop detailed and thorough economic evaluations on the execution costs of the works.
The in-depth examination of the collected data leads to compile a fixed time and cost intervention plan.

The production process-3


We can work on already existent or established projects, at the architects and pre-production engineers’ disposal. Likewise, we can design directly and autonomously any kind of facility with originality, functionality and profound aesthetic value. The attention to every detail is not only the result of precise, enterpreneurial choices, but also a matter of plausibility and image for us at CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950.

The production process-4

Logistics and transport

In many years of experience, CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 has gained so great organizational skills that it can offer the best transport conditions and guarantee to track the means of transport which have been used.

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CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 chooses carefully its suppliers, following the criteria which have qualifed it for years. While relying on the most advanced technologies, the working techniques are based on choices and methods which are deeply ingrained in the Made in Italy tradition. Only Made in Italy for our Clients’ ideas.

Research and Innovation, as far as materials, finishes and building techniques are concerned, are continuous. Each product must fulfll precise requirements of wear resistance, duration without any alteration over time, easy maintenance.

The choice of raw materials, the expertise of a qualifed team and a careful organization guarantee a higher quality product.

The production process-6

Installation and final testing

All operations of building, assembly and installation are made by a qualifed staff, provided with all the necessary tools in order to properly execute the work. Each activity is constantly checked by CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 technicians, who are responsible for the project.

The production process-7

post-delivery assistance

Furthermore, CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 can offer a planned support service to guarantee the perfect maintenance of the products.
Since CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 never leaves you alone.

The production process-8


The manufacturing processes of CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 satisfy rigorous protocols, with high qualitative parameters, which are meticulously applied to any new project.

Policy for the quality

The production process-9


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