CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950  adopts cutting edge solutions, specifcally studied for custom made furnishings, and invests its own expertise in managing directly every single stage of the process: from excavation to carpentry, from plumbing systems to wiring and special ones, the Client can now rely on one single contact.
Thanks to its strong operational ability, assuring fexibility and total reliability, and to the expertise gained over time on the extreme attention to details and completions, the farm represents the ideal partner also for the most important projects, from renovations to complete building, from custom made furnishing to accessories supply.

Our solutions blend and integrate with our concept of Custom Made approach, also as a support to the development of shared solutions.

Since CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 takes its Clients’ dreams to the heart.

A trusted partner

CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 is an ideal partner for any Client, it shares the same goals and strategies, teaming up from preliminary stages to delivery. In building hotels, banks, restaurants, and public use facilities, CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 has always been a reliable partner for the Client: from design to building, with a turnkey overall service.


Competence and reliability

Now more than ever, the hospitality industry needs signifcant and complex investments. Each accommodation facility, conceived in the broadest meaning, namely suitable to host people and ideas, whether it is a hotel, a restaurant or a bank, features planning peculiarities which distinguish it from any other architectural subjects. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on a trustworthy professional team, who knows the Client’s needs and who has a long and in-depth know-how of building materials and techniques.


Multidisciplinary know-how

CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950  joins different practice, specific expertise and interdisciplinary curricula to confdently tackle and succeed all projects. Neither technical nor marketing-related issues can distract from the goal: the Client’s complete satisfaction.

The CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 team is in fact made up of experts with different professionalism and specializations, with specific skills in all sectors, able to face every project, technical and marketing theme; a proven organization in which technical means and human capabilities work together to achieve the objectives in the shortest possible time, guaranteeing the Customer the most valid support during all phases of the project.


Implementation of every idea

CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 can work also on already existent or established projects, at the architects and pre-production engineers’ disposal, helping them to realize their ideas, even the most cutting edge ones. Likewise, should the Client wish it, CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 can design directly and autonomously any kind of facility.
How? With originality, functionality and profound aesthetic value.


Direct control of the work team

CIANI INDUSTRIES 1950 coordinates the various operating stages, creating tight-knit and reliable teams that it checks directly with its own internal staff. It uses the most advanced technologies, since it knows that behind any investment there are dreams and certainties of a great businessman, and one day late is one too many!



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